Which Lefant robot vacuum and mop combo should I buy in 2022?

Although mopping the floor is an important cleaning duty, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, few people love it. Imagine having something that did it without complaining and without requiring gallons of water, a wet mop, or back-breaking work. Why not award yourself a robot vacuum and mop combo as the New year gift?

Few robot mops are deep cleaners, similar to their robot vacuum counterparts, but they can add an extra degree of clean to your routine and reduce the number of times you have to undertake a deep-cleaning session.

The greatest robot mops will allow you to retire your old mop and bucket for good. After you've vacuumed your hard floors, a good robot mop will put the finishing touches on them. When looking for one, keep in mind that there are both dedicated robot mops and hybrid robot vacuum cleaners that can also be used as mops. We put a variety of robot mops to the test to see which ones actually work. The winners are listed below.


What are the best robot mops?

If you're seeking for a robot vacuum that also mop, we propose the Lefant F1 after comprehensive testing. It's reasonably priced at $279.99 and includes a number of handy features. It has Freemove3.0 technology, which can detect barriers to prevent it from knocking over valuables and will modify its route automatically if it comes across a rug or carpet.

The Lefant M210 is the robot mop to choose if you're seeking for the best bargain. This model won't break the bank at $115.99, but it will deliver in terms of performance. If you're looking for a low-cost hybrid solution, the Lefant M210 is the finest option. This is a great deal for only $115.99. It doesn't have some of the more advanced capabilities like laser navigation, mapping, or no-go zones, but it'll do the job.


Best for whole home mopping and vacuuming: Lefant F1 

What we liked:

The app only works over 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.Longer run-time of up to 200 minutes.Compact size makes it easily shuttle under the bed, sofa and TV table.

What we didn't like:

The app only works over 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.Without water tank.

Until the Lefant F1, the majority of hybrid robot vacuums/robot mops we've evaluated were not adequate at both tasks. We'd trust the F1 to vacuum and mop without constant supervision for the first time. Because the Lefant F1 is clever enough to recognize when it comes across obstacle, it can retreat and change its route to avoid knocking over your furniture. Due to its Freemove3.0 technology and compact size, it will not get stuck when traveling under the low-profile furniture like bed, TV table and etc.

The F1 was a decent vacuum cleaner and it was great at pet hair because it has a unique design that is a brushless port with a small caliber. That means, it has more concentrated and stronger adsorption capacity when the Lefant F1 shuttle around the house, you don’t need worry about any entanglement.

The F1 makes use of wet and dry cleaning pads that may be re-used or thrown away. It is very easy for user to use mopping function. You just need install the included 2 mopping pads or disposable wet wipes at the bottom of the machine, then it becomes a robot vacuum with a mopping function. It cleans quick and thorough. 

There are further features like Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, sub-regional magnetic stripe, and scheduling. If you’re interested in smart home, then enjoy the advantages of voice control. You can also use its smart app on your Android or iPhone to keep track of real-time cleaning, battery life, accessory stays, set up modes and schedule cleaning, among other things. The mop is designed to help you clean better.

In our recent robot vacuum test, Lefant F1 received top marks for its strong suction and ability to remove trash from hard floors and carpets. The Lefant F1 offers a long cleaning period of 200 minutes on a single charge, allowing it to cover a vast area. When the battery runs out, it returns to the dock to recharge before continuing to clean where it left off. The Lefant F1 is a good option if you want a robot vacuum that can also mop.


A robot mop/vacuum under $150: Lefant M210

What we liked:

Designed to tackle pet hair.Slim and compact profile for hard to reach areas.Comes with a remote control.Great Price.

What we didn't like:

No water tank.Can not set virtual boundary.

To discover the most efficient route for cleaning your home, Lefant M210 robot vacuum and mop combo combines Freemove2.0 technology and anti-collision infrared sensors.

This robot vacuum and mop will not empty your pocketbook, but it will thoroughly clean your floors. The M210 makes up for its lack of bells and whistles with its cleaning prowess. The M210 features four cleaning modes, all of which function in both mop and vacuum modes: Auto, which thoroughly cleans the whole floor; Zigzag, a methodical, Z-shaped cleaning pattern; Edge, which cleans along borders; and Spot, which repeat cleaning small spaces until it is completely clean. The retailer recommends vacuuming before mopping, as it does with most robot mops.

The M210 suctions up dirt and debris, and its anti-collision detecting capability not only prevent bumping furniture in advance, but also helps the M210 avoid carpets while mopping. You may establish no-mop boundaries for any areas you'd like the Lefant to avoid by using the magnetic stripes for further protection. You may also use the app to create cleaning schedules, select specific rooms to be cleaned, activate spot cleaning, and customize the clean modes.