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Lefant N3 - Lefant Store

Lefant N3

$699.00 $399.00
M310 $149.99M320 $199.99
M1 $209/ M210 $100


  • 🤖【DToF Lidar Navigation】 The advanced Lidar & dToF Sensors, which will not disturbed by light and detects distances as far as 10m, can create accurate maps by obtaining 3D imaging of objects rapidly, and then navigate in real time for 24h.
  • 💦【Sonic Mopping Technology】With sonic scrubbing at 12000 times per minute, Lefant N3 robot vacuum snoic mop simulates a sonic vibrating toothbrush to effectively remove dry floor stains. 160ml electronic water tank delivers water at 3 adjustable levels for even penetration and better floor protection.
  • 🧲【4000Pa Strong Suction】The suction power has 4 levels of intensity, which can be adjusted according to your needs, up to 4000Pa, and can easily clean everything from fine dust, biscuit crumbs, oatmeal to hair on hard floors. Lefant robotic vacuum cleaner and mop meets the cleaning needs of different households and is ideal for families with children or pets.
  • 👍【Ultrasonic Carpet Detection】The N3 lidar sonic mop vacuum emits ultrasonic waves that accurately detect the carpet, and automatically increases suction power to deep clean it. Surprisingly, in mopping mode, N3 automatically changes the cleaning direction once it detects the carpet, so you never have to worry about getting it wet.
  • 👀【Freemove Tech Obstacle Avoidance】The whole body of Lefant N3 vacuuming and mopping robot can detect the surrounding environment in all directions, then can adjust the walking state of the body in time. All-round sensing, ultra-high sensitivity and intelligent prevention of various jams and traps during sweeping.
  • 👉【No-Go-Zone & Spot Cleaning】Set "no-zone" and "invisible wall" on the APP, so that Lefant robot vacuum room mapping can avoid the no-zone to sweep. Or you can set "Partition cleaning" to clean any area you want. Easily control where the robot goes.
  • 📱【Smart App & Voice Controls】Via Lefant Smart APP, easily creat a home cleaning schedule and control the direction of cleaning. Also, the vacuum robot cleaner and mop is compatible with Alexa & Google Home, allowing the robot to start or stop working by voice commands. Note: Only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.
  • 🔋【200mins Runtime & Self Charging】Automatic mop cleaner robot can clean a 3200sqft house continuously for 200 minutes on a full charge. If the battery runs low, N3 robot vacuum with mapping will go back to recharge, then continue where it left off.