Experience the Smart Life Behind Your Clean - Freemove Tech

Experience the Smart Life Behind Your Clean - Freemove Tech
Thanks to revolutionary innovations, Lefant combines anti-collision and Freemove3.0 technology to give you a fully automated cleaning experience—while controlled straight from the app. That’s Lefant.


Never worry about being stuck - built-in sensors.

One of the smallest robot vacuums on the market, Lefant series could scuttle around your home - scoot around the floor, picking up dust and dirt and then returning to their electronic nests to recharge. Rather than being stuck at the bottom of the furniture, Lefant robot vacuum could easily pass through low-profile furniture like TV-table due to its mini style. You never need bend for picking some litter under the bed or sofa. By the way, it can run a very long time without needs to return itself to charge as well as it recharges in less than 4 hrs. It doesn't use cameras to see the world. Instead, they use sensors to detect and measure the world around them, including cliff sensors, bump sensors, wall sensors, and optical encoders.  
Lefant robot is equipped with a variety of sensors, which means it can sense its surroundings. It knows how far it has gone, what it has bumped into, and what it could fall off of. These are the things that a basic robot vacuum needs to know in order to navigate the path around it.

How does Lefant travel around a room?

When they’re applied to a robotic vacuum, these rules allow it to navigate a room. The patent outlines a sequence of steps:
S1: Preset the main body of the sweeping robot with whole-body sensor, grating signal sensor and left and right wheel power sensing unit. Based on sensors like: Cliff sensors measure the distance between the robot base and the floor, usually by reflecting infrared rays onto the floor. If the distance to the floor suddenly increases, it means that the robot is approaching the edge of the stairs or something similar, so it will step back to avoid falling. The name of the bump sensors also gives away what they do: if the robot vacuum bumps into something (like a wall or a chair leg), the impact triggers the sensor. Wall sensors are like cliff sensors, but in a different direction: they tell the robot when it is close to a wall or other object, so it can follow the wall;
S2: It collects real-time status data by using the whole-body sensor and left and right wheel power sensing units of the robot vacuum cleaner; the real-time status data includes the collision state of the robot vacuum, the obstacle-free operation state, the state of crossing the threshold, and the operation state of pushing obstacles;
S3: Feed back real-time status information to the head of the robot cleaner, and further classify the received information; the robot vacuum collision status includes recognition of the top left area, top middle area, top right area, middle bottom left recognition, middle bottom middle area recognition and middle bottom right recognition.
This design has been verified by experiments with an accuracy rate of more than 96%, and it can be cleaned freely at home without any obstructions, and there is basically no blocking. The side brush does a wonderful work of cleaning walls and sweeping things right into its path.
The very first generation of robot vacs had a totally random pattern. They’d run until they hit a wall or furniture, then they’d turn around and go off in a random direction. This inevitably led to some missed areas on the floor and dents in the walls. Lefant only uses its unique freemove3.0 technology to obtain the information, while other robot vacuums may be all about that “bump, bump, bump”. If the robot senses something around, the intelligence of Lefant automatically gives retreat instruction, sending the robot in a different direction. This barrier has to be from an immovable object, such as a table leg, a kitchen cupboard, or even a wall itself.


Diving into original detection technology - FreeMove3.0.

Today’s robot vacs use a variety of technological features for navigation, like Gyro navigation, V-SLAM and LDS-SLAM. Lefant robot vacuum cleaner not only uses advanced LDS-SLAM for navigating, but also detect obstacle from all directions to avoid collisions by using FreeMove3.0. Not to mention, the compact body allows access to more low and difficult-to-clean areas, whereas some are still using a mechanical bumper, only collision from the front side can be detected. The simpler structure allows the robot more compact and small, which means it could shuttle under the furniture without effortless. Because of the size and height, a few robot vacuum cleaners are much higher than Lefant model which is not as convenient as Lefant robot cleaner to wander below furniture.


Wisdom inspired freedom.

Never have any time to vacuum? If you're tired of spending your free time vacuuming, then it's time to get a Lefant. Well, Lefant robot vacuum cleaners let you outsource the chore completely, allowing you to control via APP. The APP provides the functions of controlling the sweeping robot to start, pause, recharge, selecting cleaning mode, adjusting suction and setting schedule. When the maximum gear is turned on, the obstacles in front can be sensed in advance and will not be arbitrarily crossed, such the stairs, wall, chair and desk legs, kitchen stove, etc.
You can program your robot to clean your house when you're not there and avoid certain times of the day so you can enjoy a cleaner home without having to see the cleaning. Lefant powers your robot to work around your ever-changing schedule. 
Lefant series also offer integration with voice assistants including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can use your voice when you want cleaning to commence - meaning it really is a hands-free experience.


Exciting achievements.

It's fairly valued as contrasted to the top brand, it's a slim robotic but bigger dustbin size, it absolutely has great suction power and it finds charge base easily. Devoted to explore high-end and perfect, Lefant is continuing to innovate and develop robot technology. We will continue to see new developments in automation and technology that will make our lives better.


Lefant Robot Vacuums 2021 Reviews

Lefant Robot Vacuums 2021 Reviews

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