How to Survive Dog Shedding Season?Lefant Works Well with Pet Hair!

How to Survive Dog Shedding Season?Lefant Works Well with Pet Hair!
If you have pets, you might be bothered with pet hair when shedding season comes. You appear to be constantly picking up dog or cat hair out of your couch and under your television stand, and you could even find a few bunches in your head (or your husband's). During the spring and fall seasons, your dog's "coat" sheds a lot more, aggravating or triggering allergies and, most importantly, making a mess.

When Does It Become Shedding Season?

There are two shedding seasons for dogs. There's a transition from spring to summer and a transition from summer to fall. Transitioning into each season usually takes three months, however this can vary depending on the weather in your area.
Obviously, dogs require extra fur in the winter to keep warm. Then, before summer, they lose a lot of that hair, allowing them to stay a little cooler during the hottest months.
You'd think they wouldn't shed after the summer if that were the case. They'd just keep all that hair and grow more in the winter to keep warm.However, with each shedding, their hair looks different.
The coat of a dog may be a nuisance in a pet owner's home, but it is necessary for your dog's existence. They need their fur to protect them from the sun and control their body temperature, as well as to serve as a sensory device (how great is that?).
However, if you have allergies and don’t want to throw the dog that shed often (because you still love and want them), consider doing something for preparation.
Preventing as much dog hair from shedding in the first place is one of the most effective strategies to reduce the amount of dog hair in your home. While you can lessen shedding, it's hard to completely halt it. You won't be able to get all of the dog hair out of your house. The only thing you can do is to manage it.
Of course, saying it isn't always as easy as doing it. Fortunately, there are some excellent pet hair removal appliances available for properly removing hair from various areas of your home —— Lefant F1 Robotic Vacuum. To reduce the dander and pet hair that flies through the air, you could use Lefant F1 robot vacuum to collect it from the floors and carpets.


Cleaning your home on a regular basis is the only surefire way to keep it clean. The Lefant F1 is a smart device that can save your life. It has a Freemove3.0 collision avoidance system and a 4000pa suction to remove dirt and pet hair from low-profile carpets and hard floors. Over twice the suction power of some vacuums, F1 ensures your floors and carpets are clear of all dirt, dust, and crumbs.
While Freemove3.0 is a revolutionary patented technology, that solves one of the most common problems with sweepers —— become stuck and unable to complete their sweeping work. That’s said, the Lefant can be controlled by your phone app freely based on your daily routine. During allergy and dog shedding season, you can set one more frequent cleaning. You won't even notice when it comes to pet shedding season.
Robot vacuums used to go around rooms aimlessly in an effort to eventually cleaning the entire space. They'd run into everything, which was an issue. This could cause damage to your furniture, but it also meant that they could knock over pet bowls and jump onto canine beds.
The Lefant F1 robot vacuum has come up with some ingenious solutions, like magnetic strips that act as no-go lines on the ground. The problem is that every time you run a cleaning cycle, you have to put them out.
Regular remedies will only get you to this point if your house resembles the Wild West with doggy hair tumbleweeds strewn everywhere. If the idea of constantly emptying a dust bin sounds unappealing, you would be happy for investing Lefant F1. Although the F1 robot vacuum has a slim body with a diameter of 11 inches and a height of 2.7 inches, it is equipped with a huge 600ml visible dustbin that can stores a lot of rubbish without overflow or secondary pollution, so you don't have to clean it very often.
Last but not least, the brushless suction port design on the F1 vacuum robot successfully prevents hair and shedding fur from becoming entangled. That means, you don’t need deal with the twisted hair with scissors. Plus, there are two unique side brushes, that can considerably cover more cleaning area. There are no hidden stains to be concerned about.
In a word, Lefant F1 is ideal for pet hair if you’ve got cats and dogs running around. Not only does it pick up loose crumbs and dust with ease, but also not be jammed with tangled hair. At $329, it’s very reasonably priced as well for such a strong performance. And Black Friday is coming, if you’re thinking of buying a new robot vacuum for pets, you can check out the price first so that you can grab a bargain.
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