Upgrade Your Cleaning Experience with the Lefant New M3 Series

Upgrade Your Cleaning Experience with the Lefant New M3 Series

Discover the enhanced features of the Lefant new M3 series,now with improved battery life,larger dustbins,and advanced obstacle avoidance technology.Experience hassle-free cleaning with the M310 and M320 models,capable of cleaning large areas and solving cleaning problems efficiently.

Welcome to the future of cleaning with the Lefant new M3 series. Say goodbye to frequent dustbin emptying and hello to extended battery life.In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the upgraded features of the M3 series, highlighting the M310 and M320 models' capabilities and how they revolutionize your cleaning routine.


🔋Enhanced Battery Life & Spacious Dustbins🗑️

Have you ever annoyoed the battery endurance?As we all know the battery effects the vacuum working time.So it is very important to choose a long-time endurance vacuum which with a powerful ability.Lefant based on cleaning experience and upgrade the Lefant new M3 series,featuring improved battery life and larger dustbins.The M310 boasts a powerful battery that enables it to clean up to 180 square meters in a single charge. Additionally,its dustbin capacity has been increased to 550ml,ensuring you only need to empty it once a week. Similarly, the M320 offers extended cleaning coverage of 200 square meters and a generous dustbin capacity of 800ml.With these enhancements,you can enjoy uninterrupted cleaning sessions without worrying about frequent emptying or recharging.

Advanced Obstacle Avoidance Technology🤖️

Experience seamless navigation and efficient cleaning with the obstacle avoidance technology integrated into the Lefant new M3 series.Both the M310 and M320 are equipped with sensors that enable them to detect and maneuver around obstacles with ease.Whether it's furniture,cords,or other objects,these robotic vacuums can navigate your home without getting stuck or causing damage.By better understanding their environment,the M3 series ensures thorough cleaning without any interruptions.




Optimized Cleaning Performance🧹

With the Lefant new M3 series, cleaning has never been more efficient. The M310 and M320 models utilize advanced algorithms to analyze and solve cleaning problems effectively.Whether it's tackling pet hair,dust,or debris,these robotic vacuums deliver exceptional results on various surfaces,including hardwood floors,carpets, and tiles.By optimizing cleaning performance,the M3 series ensures your home remains spotless with minimal effort on your part.



Convenient Features for User Needs💡

The Lefant new M3 series is designed to cater to your specific cleaning needs. Both the M310 and M320 models come equipped with a range of convenient features to streamline your cleaning routine.From scheduled cleaning sessions to remote control via smartphone app,you have full control over when and how your robotic vacuum cleans.Additionally,the M3 series offers multiple cleaning modes, including auto,edge,and spot cleaning,allowing you to customize your cleaning experience according to your preferences.




FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How long does the battery last on the Lefant M310? The Lefant M310 features an upgraded battery that provides extended cleaning sessions, lasting up to a week on a single charge.

  • What is the dustbin capacity of the Lefant M320? The Lefant M320 boasts a spacious dustbin with a capacity of 880mL,reducing the frequency of emptying.

  • Does the Lefant M3 series come with obstacle avoidance technology? Yes,both the Lefant M310 and M320 are equipped with advanced obstacle avoidance technology,allowing them to navigate around obstacles intelligently.

  • Can I control the Lefant M3 series remotely? Absolutely!With the Lefant smartphone app, you can conveniently control your M3 series robotic vacuum from anywhere,scheduling cleaning sessions and adjusting settings as needed.

  • What surfaces can the Lefant M3 series clean? The Lefant M3 series is versatile and can clean a variety of surfaces,including hardwood floors, carpets,tiles,and more.

  • Is the Lefant M3 series suitable for pet owners? Yes,the Lefant M3 series is an excellent choice for pet owners, effectively removing pet hair and dander from floors and carpets.


Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Lefant new M3 series, featuring enhanced battery life,spacious dustbins, and advanced cleaning technology. With the M310 and M320 models,you can enjoy efficient cleaning sessions tailored to your needs.Say hello to a cleaner home with the Lefant new M3 series.

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