Best Lefant Robot Vacuum and Mop - F1 with Disposable Wet Wipes, Free your Hands!

Best Lefant Robot Vacuum and Mop - F1 with Disposable Wet Wipes, Free your Hands!

Although mopping the floor is an important housekeeping duty — particularly in bathrooms and kitchens — few people love it. Some of us even hire others to help us. If you have children, you've most likely included it on your chore list. What about Imagining having something that did it without complaining and without requiring gallons of water, a filthy mop, or back-breaking work. Robot mop is the answer.

Few robot mops are deep cleaners, similar to their robot vacuum counterparts, but they can add extra cleanliness to your daily work and reduce the number of times you have to undertake a deep-cleaning session.


There are a few things to keep in mind, when purchasing a robot mop.

To begin, choose amongst the three varieties of robot mops available: wet mop, dry-sweep and mop combo, and mop and vacuum combo. Wet mops shoot water on the floor to loosen dirt, then wipe away the dirty liquid. Only a few vacuum the filthy water.Others who combine vacuuming or sweeping with mopping wet-clean hard floors with moist disposable or reusable microfibre pads.


You should also think about:

The duration of the battery. Look for batteries that can be recharged and last at least 90 minutes. If you have a larger area to clean, search for robot mops that can recharge and then clean again to complete the task.


Simple to install and maintain. When it comes to charging the robot mop, filling and emptying the water tank, removing and changing the cleaning pads, and programming it to clean once or on a regular basis, the simpler the better.


Safety for the floors. If you have predominantly wood floors in your home, make sure the robot mop you choose is designed to clean them. Vinyl and tile flooring are both safe for robot mops.


Sensors for the floor and carpet. If you have both, choose a robot mop that can tell the difference between carpet and wood flooring. Some robot mops have mapping capabilities, allowing you to clean only chosen areas.


Integration with an app. If you want to check what your robot is up to, access maintenance concerns, or arrange cleaning sessions in advance or while you are away, this is a useful feature. Instead of manually closing the door, you may use the app to create no-go zones that should not be cleaned.


Considering above tips, I recommend Lefant F1 as ideal robot vacuum and mop. A combo vacuum and wet mop in one, this stylish robot (available in black) makes quick work of keeping your hard floors clean while you’re busy with other things. Because there is no water tank in the robot, the mop must be wet before starting the vacuum cleaner. The use of a mop on the back will not replace a traditional cleaning. The mop will only catch superficial dirt and it will not remove stains. However, you can do one cleaning cycle with disposable wipe then throw it away, that is convenience for users.


Not only does it mop, Lefant F1 also has strong suction power. The F1 vacuum mop combo gets to cleaning quickly and often covers its perimeter. You can start by scheduling and controlling cleaning through its app. In tests, it shuttled exceptionally well under chairs and around furniture legs without getting stuck due to its unique Freemove3.0 technology and its compact size. Improved highly sensitive anti-collision technology for evading obstacles, drop-sensing technology to avoid falling downstairs and off of ledges that effectively prevents damage to robotic vacuum or furniture. It spot cleans and knows when to return to home, a great option for picking up the frequent fluff your pet sheds around the house. Plus, the suction port is a combination of brushless mouth and side brushes to minimize hair tangles, so it's easier to clean than brush roller. For avoidance of fragile furniture, Lefant F1 robot vacuum and mop combo equipped with a magnetic strip, you can freely set the robot restricted area ensuring F1 robot only clean specific areas you need.


The F1 can vacuum and mop simultaneously, if the battery runs low, the Lefant F1 will return to its dock to recharge before resuming where it left off, and it can clean up to 200 Square meter in one session. Once charge, use for many times.


There's no denying it. Robot mops are purely for the sake of convenience. The fact that any robotic cleaning system saves time is what makes it worthwhile.

Time is money, but it's also time you could be spending with your family, improving your life, or cooking dinner. That's too many hours a year you can devote to something other than mopping. Many families, especially those with larger homes, find that the time saved is well worth the investment in robot mops.

Is it Worth to Buy Lefant Robot Vacuum?

Is it Worth to Buy Lefant Robot Vacuum?

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